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Tires are the most important part of every vehicle. It is the only part that touches the road makes the car accelerate, stop and turn. It provides the fundamental links between the road and the vehicle. Taking the proper tire for your car can not only save your money but also ensures a safe journey.
Pirelli tires in Dubai

There are so many tire brands available on the market now. One of the best is Pirelli Tire. It is the production of types of cars with a wide range of solutions. It is designed to achieve the highest performance and comfort on all roads and in all weather conditions.

Advantages of Pirelli Car Tires

There are many advantages over Pirelli car tires. One of the main advantages is that they make the perfect tires for when the temperature drops to7 degree Celsius and lower. This is when these tyres can perform to their best ability, the tires are fantastic at other temperatures. Let’s see the major advantages:

Tires in Dubai

•    Pirelli tires give you freedom to travel with ease and safety
•    Maximum safety and grip
•    You will be saving money with Pirelli tyres
•    Aquaplaning effect is decreased: Not more sliding or floating on wet                   surfaces
•    Pirelli tires are practical for all conditions
•    The lower temperature the decreased braking distance
•    Highest performing tyre in wet, slippery conditions

These are the most important and best advantages of Pirelli car tires and also when you buy new tires from Zdegree, you will get these benefits.

Pirelli Tyres

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At ZDEGREE we offer a huge selection of tires from top brands like Pirelli, Zeetex, Roadstone, Toyo tires, Bridgestone and more. We are the leading tire dealers in Dubai, UAE. We provide the top quality tire with affordable rate. If you want the perfect tire for your car then bring your vehicle to Zdegree!


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